Monday, September 21, 2009

A Real Soldier, Forever

One week ago I attended a remarkable event marked by great dignity, affection, and respect; the beginning of an unknown soldier's long journey home, deferred by 147 years.

View it here

Soldier on (in peace)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toy soldiers in my back yard, forever!

I've lived in this house for two and a half years now. In that time this little garden shed sat in the backyard, underutilized, seldom visited, collecting junk, bugs, and webs.

Now that I'm living alone I'm staying as busy as I can, always on the prowl for projects to fill the void. I decided to empty out the garden shed and consider what better use could be made of its 8 x 16 floorplan and tight roof.

The first step was to run electricity to the structure. The soil around here made this a two day, pickaxe wielding chore. But I ran the conduit and Romex just as a record heat-wave descended into the valley. Nonetheless, the goal was achieved and two outlets and two sets of tracklights were installed.

Next came walls, wainscoating, ceiling shelving, work surfaces, caulking painting, indoor/outdoor carpeting, and two week later - today - I moved into my three season studio, the permanent home of Toy Soldiers Forever!

The ammunition chests under the counter house zillions of plastic 54mm ACW guys.

The ceiling is open to the sky to allow inspiration and fun to flow in while allowing worry and melancholy to flow out. Clever eh? Oh my, you can see the stars!

The primary counter top allows toy soldiers to run rampant over a painted Cumberland Valley whilst I'm away.

Upon my return, without fail, all troops resume their static position on the shelves; plastic ACW men above, paper Prussians below.

Gadzooks! perhaps the pewter Third Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment has finally found a permanent home.

I'm hoping exactly the same thing for me.

The space also accommodates my drawing table, where for three seasons of the year I hope to move lots of ink around in a productive manner...

As these Yankees and Rebels might attest.

Eventually the shelves will be filled with soldiers and buildings, and an occasional battle may rage upon the green carpet. Eventually I'll get back to updating this blog twice monthly as billed. Until then, wish me well.

Soldier on!