Sunday, September 24, 2023

One more W. Britain kepi conversion

Once again, an Iron Brigader of the 24th Michigan, sacrificed his Hardee hat to the sartorial needs of a captain of the 16th Michigan.

Before making such modifications, consult a certified habadasher, and be sure to always...

Soldier on!


Saturday, September 23, 2023

Call the vice squad!

 Or the "vise" squad, actually.

This week I took delivery on this beautiful little craft vise.

It's wonderfully engineered, and I've already gotten good use out of if.

Keep your tools dry, and...

Soldier on!


W. Britains kepi conversion

One of the regiments that I am building is the Sixteenth Michigan Regiment of Volunteers.  I did'nt have enough line officers for that unit, but I did have a duplicate Iron Brigade officer, however he was wearing a Hardee hat rather than the kepi that I needed.

With file, emery board, paint and brush, I got to work.

I've been working with pewter for well over thirty years, and have developed a pretty good hand for making modifications.

I'm very pleased with the result.

There are more of these conversions to come, so please, do stop by from time to time for updates.  Until then...

Soldier on!


Sunday, September 10, 2023

W. Britain 114 PA zouave conversion.

Rounding out my three Union Regiments, is a 20-man version of the 114th Pennsylvania zouaves,  Britains only issued a dozen or so of these guys, so to fill the ranks, I'm making-up the shortfall with their 146th New York figures.

It's very straightforward and simple, requiring only paint.

On the left is the New Yorker, on the right is the Pennsylvanian, and in the center is the mash-up. 

I'm very happy with the progress and the results.

Must get back to the bench.  Until next time...

Soldier on!