Saturday, November 18, 2023

More studio improvements

 I don't think that the fine-tuning will ever end.

This month I made sliding doors for one of the cabinets, and now I'm installing lights.

I spend more time improving the toy soldier studio than I do on the house.

Seek cover and...

Soldier on!


Little Heiskell, the happy hessian

For six or eight years the pot-metal doorguard of the toy soldier studio has been Little Heiskell, the happy hessian. ( 

He was finished in a beat-up, dingy, faded, and flaking rust-red, and was getting shabbier by the year.

Today he got spruced-up.

Stay vigilant, and...

Soldier on!


Wednesday, November 1, 2023

"Paper or plastic...or pewter"

It dawned on me today that I've slowly drifted from all unpainted plastic, to nearly all pewter (with a few hand-painted plastics in the mix).

This gradual "switcheroonie" (thanks Ella Fitzgerald) began in 2012 when I rolled-out my, 20 years in the making, Third Michigan Volunteer Infantry - in pewter (  Since then, save for Marx Blue and Gray, my Civil War scenarios have pretty much been all metal

Speaking of Marx Giant Blue and Gray, I'm planning on having them battle it out on the toy soldier table over the winter.

I'll rub my hands in anticipation, as we all...

Soldier on!