Monday, February 4, 2019

A fanciful battle in 54mm

(This post was made from odds and ends leftover from other posts)

Somewhere in Maryland...

A rebel sharpshooter takes aim at...

a Yankee officer in the distance.

But he misses, and now it's that Yankee officer's turn to shoot...

and a wounded rebel sharpshooter is carried from the field to safety.

Confederate soldiers have flanked the Federals.

 A Union general sees the threatening situation and sends artillery to the support of the Yankee infantry.

 Now the Yankees are able to repel the rebel attack.

But the Confederates aren't finished yet.  They bring up more artillery and shell the Union lines.

 Confederates swiftly advance and take up strong positions.

The Rebels pour on the fire.

Headquarters desperately sends out word for re-enforcements.

The Yankees on high ground are the first to see help approaching.

 Fresh Union troops pour on the fire...

and a final charge by the Yankees drives the Rebels from the field.

Above it all, observing the action below from the crest of a high hill is a journalist from The New York World...

composing in his mind the sensational headline that will accompany his report of the Union victory.

Soldier on!