Monday, August 25, 2008

This Just In!

BMC has finally taken delivery on the much anticipated "Irish Brigade" troops!

I hope to have them on hand within ten days for review.  If we are to expect BMC's usual bottom-of-the-food-chain standards, coupled with bright green plastic, this should make for an interesting post.

Saints preserve us!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for my Sept. 1 post covering the Bloody Lane fight at Antietam (just in time for the 146th anniversary).

Soldier on!


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Patrick Mungavin said...

Mannie Hi, Great Site ! I ordered two bags of the BMC/Americana Irish Brigade figures from "The Toy Soldier Depot . Got my two bags today, very pleased, shooting poses are different than
BMC originals as are advancing poses and marchers, the differences are
subtle in some cases but if you compare them with originals you'll see
that the heads and facial details are very different, the green color
is not 'bright" either and more of a "deep" green , for me anyhow it
does not detract from playability, there are poses that at first glance
you'll feel are the same as those of BMC's but do compare and you'll
see the difference. Some figures do have flash but in my bags there
were only about five or six with flash. So for the money, you can't
beat it . This is just MHO but I like them.----Pat