Saturday, March 26, 2011

Five-minute Field Modification

Okay, more like ten minutes.

Utilizing the redundant saddles from the Imex 7th Cavalry sets and those uncharacteristically beautifully-sculpted downed, and saddle-less, horses from BMC/Americana, a little carving and plastic "welding", one is greeted by this usable combination:

Add a wounded Toy Soldiers of San Diego trooper and the combination is pretty compelling:

Soldier on!


Scott B. Lesch said...

Great little toy horses. BMC's accessories are often superior to the troops. The Little Big Horn sets sold at Toys R Us did not include the dead horses with extra arrows. I heard they were thought as too cruel while the set I got there did have the dead men. The Airfix US cavalry is great except for the sabers if one play the Little Big Horn. Your conversions look pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I did pretty much the same but painted the horse. Nice job