Sunday, May 15, 2011

Unexpected consequences, and, a cool new Civil War book.

Once again, I leave the studio for for a week and all heck breaks loose.  I should have known better than to position all of those cheval de frise and then leave them unattended.  No sooner was my back turned then elements of my 54mm yankees foolishly and fruitlessly attacked strong Confederate earthworks.

(click on the image)

This is happening more and more often out there, perhaps I should keep the combatants in separate buildings.

On a happier front, my good friend John Hoptak has penned a new history of the Battle of South Mountain (with maps by me, no less) which should spark the imaginations of gamers and player-arounders alike.

You can link to a promotional video here.

And where the heck are those new Paragon Scenics mounted Union cavalrymen?  I thought that they would have been released by now?  And can anyone tell me exactly what OTSN means?
This being my birthday month I'd hoped to be the happy recipient of mounted re-enforcements.

Happy reading and soldier on!



CraigSpiel said...

Mannie, I believe OTSN stands for "Old Toy Soldier Newsletter". If you can get free in September, and make it to Chicago, the show is well worth it!

Paul´s Bods said...

I have the same problem with my lot...leave them alone in the same room long enough and all hell breaks least they haven´t got hold of nuclear waepons yet. :-D