Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Interior Decorating

Thanks to the gals in the bookstre for all those cast-off "made in Red China" kepi insignias:

They're the perfect finishing touch for the decor out in the Toy Soldiers Forever! studio.

I have several hundred of these to mount to the chair rail, then, I believe, the studio will be quite complete...for now.

See you soon with a new 54mm bridge I'm making.

Soldier on!



Fat Cat Hatcheter said...

Enough about the chair rail; let's see your horse collection.
What? Don't have one?

Scott B. Lesch said...

Mannie, you might want to have a mausoleum installed in that house. It's looks like Valhalla for toy soldier collectors.

Anonymous said...

Do the producers of the recent "Gettysburg" debacle know you've raided their wardrobe department??? :)


Cem Özdoğan said...

Dear Mannie,
i admired your blog.wish to share some panorama skills.pls. see my blog