Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

Cool commie castings

Sure, I know the wall came down and all but old habits are hard to break. Here are some nice miniatures that I turned into toy soldiers (huh?).

My friend Ike gave me a small grouping of miniature ACW soldiers from Russia.

I decided to make them into toy soldiers,  which is as simple as...

taking the matte finished miniature and...

spraying it with glossy lacquer.  Presto! a shiny bright toy soldier.

As with the soldier above all of the poses of this group of Russians are very pleasing.

Drummer boy

Charge bayonets guy

Shootin' guy

Rebel general

nice detail on the coat facings.

Altogether a very nice group of Confederates

But now its time to put them in the context if their comrades:

On the firing line...

rushing into action...

advancing to the front.

Thanks Ike, for the reinforcements.

Soldier on!



Springinsfeld said...

Nice figures. There is no doubt about it, soldiers look better shiny.

Sam Wise said...

very good figures !! even in matt paint they look very nice !
I like them !

Milgeek said...

They are very smart. I've finally succumbed to to gloss, as when I started painting toy soldiers I was unsure. Now I love gloss! :)