Thursday, September 1, 2016

Poffenberger barn

Here's a project that I started seven years ago and it sat for all that time uncompleted. Finally the impending Second Battle of Greenbrier prompted me to hurry up and finish it.  It's a typical Pennsylvania bank barn - two stories with hay, wagons, and machinery on the upper level and livestock on the lower.  Barns like this were frequently dragooned into service as field hospitals during the Civil War and the conditions within were horrific for the wounded and dying.

The raw materials for this project were two of the Lee's headquarters kits manufactured by BMC and marketed under the Americana label.

Let us hope it survives the upcoming battle unscathed.

Soldier on!



The Good Soldier Svjek said...

An excellent building ! , Tony

Springinsfeld said...

Excellent work The weathering is most effective.

Chelsea Manifold said...

The details are great!

gail from Long Island said...

Hi Mannie . Just in case you review this blog for comments, I’m wondering who makes the L shaped blue farm house? I recognize the BMC White House. Also, who makes the taller stone walls around the farm animals? Nice job on the barn. I’m gonna try one myself soon. A lot like TSSD’s Rumsford Barn, (around $55 pre-shipping!). Always looking for buildings and accessories. Where did all your Union troops come from? Your sculpting? Nice. One last question...who makes the unpainted casualty bent over a fence? Is it a converted TSSD Bugler? Thanks, I’m soldiering on, with a little of your help. Carl