Monday, March 2, 2020

Shifting gears...a little

I've been cruising ebay acquiring, a little at a time, a staple of my childhood - 54mm Louis Marx WWII Battleground figures and accessories.

I have two Civil War posts coming up, and after those I'd like to do some Marx WWII posts. 

All of the Marx materials are unpainted, and I'll be leaving them that way; this makes me consider doing my Marx photoshoots in black and white; I think that might be kind of cool.

Here is a scenic that I've been working on this weekend, it's a BMC pillbox embedded in concrete and stone, for part of the Marx Navarone playset. 

 It's been fun making it and I'm learning a lot about working with styrofoam...the craft store variety, not the nice high-density stuff. I've been having a lot of "happy accidents" during this learning process.

So stay tuned, and I hope that we all enjoy upcoming posts.

Soldier on!


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