Sunday, July 5, 2020

The Battle of Guam: video progress report

Take a look gang; and see how many extra syllables I can pack in to the word "Italeri."

As always...

Soldier on!



Rahway said...

That looks like a BMC LVT. Perhaps it was purchased through CTS.

lc99 said...

Just wanted to say I've been following this blog since I was a kid in 2015, 21 now and just dusting off some of my old figures brought me back to the many hours I'd spend looking at toy soldiers online and re-reading your posts. Thanks for the good times!

Milgeek said...

Thank for that, I REALLY enjoyed the video and the models are wonderful. I don't know much about US operations in the Pacific (we Brits didn't really have any involvement in that theatre so it's a bit of a mystery area)! :)

The LVTs look superb, from a tank on tank point of view I guess the 37mm was adequate against what the Japanese had, but the 75mm would have certainly been useful against the bunker systems.

Good luck - hope to see more video updates!