Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Battle of Guam: bargains are out there!

An unexpected surprise.

On display, as part of  Guam's War in the Pacific National Park, is a Japanese type 96 twin-barrel anti aircraft gun.  I'm trying, as much as I'm able, to represent the various vehicles and materiel that was on the island during the battle.

The type 96 was out of reach, the Pit Road 1/35 version (the only one, I believe) comes in at $109.  Too rich for my blood.

Then I remembered a source that I used for one of my ship models...Shapeways.

Shapeways is a clearing house for dozens, or maybe hundreds, of people with 3-D printing skills and equipment.

Through Shapeways, I will eventually be buying a 1/35 Type 96 for $21.64.

Keep the 3-D printing option in mind for your own projects, and...

Soldier on!


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