Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Marx giant 155mm howitzer: update

 Trigger warning:  this post may horrify hard-core collectors :-)

After getting my newly-acquired Marx 28-inch howitzer cleaned, oiled, and, smoothly operating, I made a couple of modifications.

The fact that there were three colors busily competing on this thing - green, gray, black - and the rusted black barrel was irking me.

So, I masked the tires and body, leaving the barrel and trails exposed,

and gave it all a shot of Tamiya olive drab.

I'm very happy with the result.

This howitzer is a really good shooter, sending the projectiles about 25 feet down range.  The one original projectile that came with it was pretty beat-up, but I found a guy on ebay who 3D prints near-exact duplicates - I bought two of them.

The bright yellow did nothing for me, so I painted them the same olive drab, and left a yellow band as the "high-explosive" designator.

Eventually, I'll have a "range day" and post the results here. So, stay tuned, and...

Soldier on!


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Tim Gow said...

I can hear the howls of outraged collectors! Well done sir!