Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Wm. Britains civilians, down on the farm.

As the toy soldier table has matured, more civilians are showing up, and it makes quite a difference.

Initially, for civilian portrayals, I used MPC ringhands and the Grandpa Charlie guy from the BMC Andersonville set. Stiff and unpainted, they were slightly better than nothing.

Then Wm. Britians started intorducing Civil War-era civilians, and that brought a broader story to the proceedings.

The Britains figures are beautifully sculpted 60mm pewter figures.  The detail and  painting are exquisite, with a price to match. 

 This wonderful farm lady pauses a moment from feeding her chickens...

to watch the war gallop past her farmyard.

The range of figures puts them in everyday vernacular poses, perfect for farm or village life.

Most of the figures are women, which fits, as the menfolk are off to war.

The man on the left is actually a soldier, but I will be repainting his clothing for a civilian appearance.

This guy is actually a Confederate artilleryman, but, lacking any uniform or insignia, he makes a perfect farmer.

This guy might be a businessman or travelling salesman; in my Gettysburg scenario of a couple of years ago, he was a newspaper reporter for the New York World (which you can view here).

Even the Wm. Britians chickens are remarkable in their detail.

This small collection is perfect for populating the tiny crossroads village of Greenbrier Maryland...and generally, that's the seat of battle on the Toy Soldiers Forever! toy soldier table.

Let me know if, and how, you represent civilians in your set-ups. 

Until next time,

Soldier on!


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tradgardmastare said...

Terrific toy soldier table. The civilians do look great.
Many of the civilian figures I have were bought cheaply off Ebay. Often they are broken old metal toy figures and can be got at a very reasonable price. On one occasion I got a Britains farmer who had been used for target practice by someone with an air rifle. I mend the figures mainly with bits of wire or matches, masking table and tissue soaked in glue. I get much pleasure out of taking something unwanted and giving it a good home.
Sometimes my civilians turn up in snowball fight games especially around Christmas.