Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Second Battle of Greenbrier. Installment one

(The first battle of Greenbrier can be viewed here)
Something's brewing.

In the Cumberland Valley of western Maryland, just three miles north of Boonsboro is the crossroads settlement of Greenbrier Maryland. With a sparse population of about fourteen farming families, Greenbrier has not been unscathed by the war. 

It was while sorting Autumn's potatoes that old mister Christian Newcomer hears the all-too familiar of what sounds like sustained thunder coming from the west.

Looking down the road the road toward the rumbling he sees motion at the bridge that crosses the Little Greenbrier creek.

Cavalry!  Federal cavalry.

Although Newcomer is a Unionist he hates seeing cavalry, at the gallop, back in the Valley. The last time they had been here the result was the day-long battle at Sharpsburg which left him with fences downed, wheat and barley trampled to the ground, livestock run off, and a barn full of wounded Federals for nearly a month,

After his last experience of being near a battle, he decides this time to evacuate his goods, livestock, and family to nearby Rohersville.  He and his oldest boy will remain behind to safeguard the house, corncribs, and spring house.

He foresees another month of hardship if the last time is any indicator.  His straw had to be burned (after being used as bedding by the wounded), his well was fouled, and his woodlot had to be severely thinned to make new rails when the armies left the Valley.

He had heard that Rebels had been seen again near Sharpsburg but he's become wary of the constant wartime rumors.

Despite his Union sympathies, he'll be glad to see the backs of both armies.

All he can do now is hunker down and await developments...

and so shall we.

Soldier on!

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pylgrym said...

Will be very interested in the denouement. Reba bringing the War north?