Sunday, August 14, 2016

Visiting the toy soldier studio and some old posts

Goodness! It's been almost exactly a year since my last post. The posting and playing have really suffered at the hands of my difficult working schedule (did I mention that I commute 25 hours a week?), but today I ventured out into the heat to reacquaint myself with the
Toy Soldiers Forever! studio out in my backyard.

Despite the heat, the pansies are holding up pretty well.

The studio is for storage of odds and ends and some photography; most of the serious stuff happens in the set-up I have in my basement.  Still the little building is a very charming place to visit from time to time.

Some of the photography for this blog occurs at this counter, most notably the Fort Revenge saga - which can be revisited here.

This little industrial building started out as a BMC Meade's headquarters and was featured in this post.

One shelf contains some of my vintage McLoughin paper Franco-Prussian soldiers.

These are some of the free downloadable soldiers from Walkerloo.  You can view the assembly adventure here.

The Third Michigan project now resides in a cabinet downstairs but his hand-painted placard remains behind in the studio. The "Old Third" can be seen here.

The view out the door brings a splash of colorful zinnias.

I keep promising myself to get back into the toy soldier groove.  Maybe this Autumn.

Soldier on!


Petite Infanterie said...

Welcome Back Mannie!

pylgrym said...

SO happy to have you back!

Brian Carrick said...

Good to see you back, running a blog is a big time commitment. I like the battleships on the lower shelves, did you make them yourself?

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Glad to hear from you again, Tony

Springinsfeld said...

Great to see you back and have a tour of the studio.

Tim Gow said...

Good to have you back. My own post numbers have dwindled this year too but the toy soldiers are always there to go back to.
Some good stuff in your studio - thanks for the photos.

Doug said...

Clean looking lines on those ships!