Tuesday, September 25, 2018

W. Britain Civil War field musicians...with movies!

These two little guys from W. Britain are all you need for a regiment to have music...field music, that is.  Generally field music, as opposed to band music, consists (with some exceptions) of only drums and fifes.

To illustrate the differences here's a video that I shot a few years ago at Antietam National Battlefield which is a battle between Confederate field musicians and Union bandsmen.

As with all Britain's figures of this century, the detail and sculpting are superb.

Both soldiers have the light-blue facings that denote them as musicians, though in real life this was not always the practice.

The attention to detail on the drum is particularly nice.

Here's a little video featuring my friend Bob who's the principal percussionist for the Wildcat Band which appeared in the video above (he describes himself as the oldest drummer boy in the Army of the Potomac).

Our  fifer (left) started manufacture in 2013, and our drummer in 2007.  Unlike with other Britain's which demonstrate a great deal of difference in the quality of the sculpting over a decade, these two are very comparable in detail, sculpting, and animation.

About the only difference between the two is that the drummer seems to have spent more time in the mud of the encampment.

These two field musicians are real gems, and all I really need to represent military music on the toy soldier table.

Until next time, keep your sheet-music dry and...

Soldier on!


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