Monday, July 20, 2020

You never get too old for toy soldiers

lc99 left a comment a few posts back about how, now as a young man, he has dusted off his childhood toy soldiers and is playing with them again.  This prompted my thinking.

This is for my younger readers.

If you read this blog, then you probably enjoy playing with toy soldiers, just as I did when I was your age. 

As I got my teens... I started to get very self-conscious, and even a little embarrassed by the fact that I was still playing with toy soldiers.  Of course, there was no reason to feel that way.

Sadly, at about age sixteen, I got rid of all my soldiers...hundreds of them, including my cherished Marx Blue and Gray and Desert Fox sets.

(recently, a friend just gave me his childhood Marx Desert Fox set, which was in storage at his parents home; you can only imagine how happy this made me.)

Now, many, many years later, how I regret that I no longer have them, how I would love to have my childhood sets of soldiers battling it out on the toy soldier table.

So here's some advice; and I think that it's good advice.  If you think that you are getting too old for toy soldiers, simply box them up and store them away...just put them in a closet and forget about them.

Then, one day when you are older, and start to have fond memories about playing with toy soldiers, you'll suddenly remember that you still have them stored away at your parents home.

How happy you will be to open that dusty shoe-box to be greeted by your old friends.

Please remember that you are never too old to play, and to play with toy soldiers.  And believe me, any fun and enthusiastic grown-up man or woman will tell you exactly the same thing.

Have fun, and...

Soldier on!


(Back me up on this pals.)


Tim Gow said...

Playing with toy soldiers? My mother still hopes it's a phase I'll grow out of. I'm 55....

Terranova47 said...

I was 'convinced' by my mother to give my plastic toy soldiers away to younger cousins which I did.

The metal ones I kept but they strangely disappeared from my parents home.

Over the years I have slowly repla

Mark, Man of TIN said...

Too true. Too true. I regret the toy soldiers that I let go in my late teens / twenties but my mum and dad kept a large cardboard box of the best (thanks). It now cheers me to still have and use these heroic figures from my youth.

Jubilo said...

Sounds like a plan for America's youth !