Sunday, August 23, 2020

Japanese artillery

Check this out.

I've been researching Japanese artillery for the project and I came across this cool Youtube on the subject.  It's great footage from the Japanese point of view that I've never seen before.  It answered some questions for me regarding Japanese camouflage schemes on their guns.

Here are some frames that I captured that will be helpful for my painting:

This one shows foliage attached to the gun tube, which was an unexpected find that I think that I may replicate.

Lots of fun in the offing...

Soldier on!



Hugh Walter said...

Camouflage was their 'big thing' Mannie, one of the reasons those islands weren't so much 'hopped' as slogged-over! Following now new project with great interest; love you use of wood too.


Milgeek said...

YouTube can indeed come up with some rare gems on occasion! :) Very interesting project, big thumbs up!

Mannie Gentile said...


I agree completely. I especially like photos and footage of Japanese soldiers absolutely festooned with foliage as they advance.