Thursday, January 12, 2023

Old -school metal, and a Giant Blue and Gray update

 I've seen this before a few times, and I'm sharing it here:

I hope that you had a happy holiday season.

On the toy soldier front, I've been happily distracted by the helmet collection, for which I have just, last week, made a new video. If you wish, you can view here:

Remember that fabulous Marx Blue and Gray fantasy set that I put together? 

I've added to it substantially since I started and I wanted something special to keep the overflow  in.  The idea couldn't move forward until I found suitable boxes. I wanted the boxes to be smaller versions of the main (big) box - rectangular, flat, and with a coffin-style lid.

Once I found the boxes, I put my meager computer skills (seriously) to the test and made some graphics for the boxes - one for artillery, and one for miscellaneous accessories.

 I'm pleased with the results.

On the scholastic front, the new semester starts on Tuesday, and my attention will be directed toward class work, but I'm glad that this box project was able to fit into the space between semesters.

New posts to come, but for now, wish me luck for the new semester and...

Soldier on!