Monday, November 4, 2019

Strombecker 54mm American Civil War figures

Here is grist for a future post.

Today, at our local flea market I picked up this set of four soldiers and a horse manufactured by Strombecker in 1966.

I remember the company from my childhood, they made slot cars, but I'm unfamiliar with these figures.

The finishing and painting will be a nice winter project.

I'll keep you posted.

Soldier on!



Tim Gow said...

I have a set of those ACW figures! It was a random buy on eBay a year or two back. I’d never heard of the maker before.

Ross Mac said...

There were 4 sets, an AWI American gun and crew, the ACW set, WWI Von Hindenburg and staff gathered around a map table and WWII US Marines landing.

I had the ACW and WW1 sets. The Charging officer still leads one of my ACW brigades.