Monday, May 18, 2020

Fort Greenbrier snapshot

This is a photo my uncle took when he was stationed in Maryland at Fort Greenbrier in 1955. I'm looking for others, but his attic's a mess.

More to come.

Soldier on!


Hugh Walter said...

I like those trucks in the background Mannie, do you happen to remember who made them? I know they aren't Banner or Pyro, but I need to track them down . . . now I've seen them!


Mannie Gentile said...

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for stopping by. Those are, in fact, Marx trucks and are marked as such. The three identical flatbeds that are configured in three different ways: searchlight, radar antennae, and antiaircraft gun. In the various versions and permutations of the Marx Training Center playlets, one of these was often included. The sets always had at least one vehicle, of perhaps ten different types, and Marx freely substituted one for another. These are available on ebay but you have to be patient and stay alert.

Best wishes,